Monday, April 18, 2011

That's NO MOON !! That's Mercury.

Latest photos from Mercury's new moon: The MESSENGER Spacecraft. It took 5 billion years, but Earth finally gave you a moon, Mercury. No need to thank us, we did it for Love. Or Hatred of our own Ignorance. Or something.

Oh look, it's the first non-Terrestrial lifeform ever discovered, thanks to MESSENGER. That's a GIANT (thanks to radiation, as all good Godzilla fans know) hybrid Horseshoe Crab/Oyster/Stonefish lifeform on Planet Mercury, eating up all the gold and silver and uranium and platinum lying around on the surface. Stephen Baxter's "photonic birds" that live inside our Sun like to hunt them on holiday. Oysters, yum. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Branson, Musk and Bigelow just stepped up efforts to mine Mercury's goodness before the Merc Oyster Crabs eat them! J/k, that's a crater. Kinda looks like a reverse crater though, like a plateau, doesn't it? Phil Plait does a great job at Bad Astronomy explaining optical illusions regarding craters on Mars and our Moon, so I can't wait until he comments on this one. Because I rotated the photo 4 times, and in every view, it STILL looks like a plateau, not a crater. But ... the stuff in the center is a dead giveaway. Sigh. oh well.  

I actually had a lot more, and they're fantastic, but to see them, you should really go to Facebook, and "friend" MESSENGER Mission. It's daily goodness there, you'll see.

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