Monday, March 22, 2010

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin To Debut on "Dancing With the Stars" Tonight

He's eighty years old, and he's still got it. From the second man on the moon on the first manned trip to its surface, to being 80 and doing anything he wants. Good for you Buzz.

Buzz is a strong advocate of better Math and Science Education in American schools, and is doing this to draw attention to his cause, and ours.

Tonight, Buzz will perform the cha-cha.

It sounds so weird to say that. :-)

Here's the man:

UPDATE (3/23): has a nice recap of Buzz and the show last night: here.

Remember, my fellow Americans and Earthians, and be proud ... July , 1969 ...

"That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for Mankind."

Damned straight.

UPDATE: You knew it was too good to last. Fourty years later, Buzz is once again the second man out.


Steven Colyer said... has a nice recap of Buzz' performance last night, I made an update on the page under the picture.

Steven Colyer said...

Will Buzz be eliminated tonight? He should, because he is far and away the WORST of the dancers.

But will he be?

I think not. Buzz is a hero. I think he will survive. THIS week.

We'll see.

Meanwhile, at the LHC in CERN ....

Steven Colyer said...

Yeah, I admit it. I'm also from New Jersey and proud of the guy.

Go Buzz Go! God speed, bro.

From his Wiki entry:

Aldrin was born in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, to Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Sr., a career military man, and his wife Marion Moon. He is of Scottish, Swedish, and German ancestry.

After graduating from Montclair High School in 1946, Aldrin turned down a full scholarship offer from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and instead went to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. The nickname "Buzz" originated in childhood: the younger of his two elder sisters mispronounced "brother" as "buzzer", and this was shortened to Buzz. Aldrin made it his legal first name in 1988.

Jérôme CHAUVET said...

He is the living proof one can go once visiting the moon and still grow old without health problems due to experiencing weightlessness.


Steven Colyer said...

UPDATE: You knew it was too good to last. Fourty years later, Buzz is once again the second man out.