Tuesday, March 17, 2009

4. The Three Branches of Pyronics

Incidentally I will never publish here until I have had a month to quintuple-check my mathematics and ask an outsider to confirm and agree with my positions. This means my progress will always be on the order of a month ahead of this website. Yes, I do this for reputation reasons, sure, but primarily because I wish to be correct.

The Three Banches of Pyronics are:

1) The Original Pyron
- At issue: what was its original energy? Strange that but beautifully simple if the "initial conditions" of the Universe could be reduced to a single number.

2) The Pyronic Field
- I know this will be where most of the work will be done, because we live in it. No, it is not the "ether," although I sadly predict that the less-than-fully-informed will accuse it of being such.

3) The Edge of the Universe
- Just as the Universe began in the first "time moment" (a single pyron), then advanced to time moment #2 (by the orginal creating 4 more pyrons at each of its faces, and so on), so does this process continue (and has always continued) at the Universe's very edge. I will not concern myself with what lies beyound "Space," as our lives and my interest will be what lies within it.

Philosphers may note that one possibility it that we are the bud of another massively larger Universe, and that we live at the very center of a black hole in such a Universe. I will not concern myself with Philosphers or Philosophy at this early stage.

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