Sunday, November 22, 2009

NEWSFLASH ! Schrödinger's Cat Returns From Nuclear Animal Experimentation Death at LHC in Geneva As Giant Higgsino Feline To Send Earth Into a Many-Worlds Anthropic Landscape South of the South Pole and Toss Million-Card Playing Card Deck Into Past via Virtual Tachyons to Kill Superconducting Super Collider in Texas, and Boy is He Pissed

 Click on the above picture to see official CERN Management reaction.

Meanwhile, some of his descendants make a brief appearance. Very brief:

I love those pics! I got them from the following page: I Can Haz Large Hadron Collider ?

Cats will of course be needed to help control the vicious baguette-dropping evil bird population.

CERN - Making Bigger Proton Train Wrecks Today, This Week Maybe, Cross Your Fingers We Hope, COULD Happen You Can't Prove it Can't Heh, Assuming the French Power Grid Doesn't Brownout, to Build A Better Tomorrow

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