Friday, December 18, 2009

Rethinking John Moffat

In lieu of the the highly disappointing results out of Minnesota on December 17th, 2009, I think it's time we start rethinking of other kinds of explanations for "Dark Matter" other than possibly mythical Supersymmetric (SUSY) particles like the "neutralino" (unicorn?) and start thinking about  Modified Gravity Theory as an alternative explanation, which was started by this guy:

John Moffat (1932-   ) in 2007
Father of Modified Gravity

Moffat met Einstein at age 20, three years before Einstein's death. Einstein was impressed with his work. Einstein introduced him to Niels Bohr who was also impressed.

Works for me.


Phil Warnell said...

Hi Steven,

In as you seem to be interested in both the work and carreer of John Moffat I wonder if you read his book “Re(inventing) g(ravity) which explains his own theory alone with the justifications and motivations he has for proposing them. That's to acknowledge that I have and while I have some reservations about altering GR, yet it does in a way lend a hint as to how gravity could be reconciled with QM.

This however is not something that Moffat suggests, yet rather I realized there is another force that also alters with distance and that's in regard to the attraction of quarks to one another, where in close proximity the force is negligible, yet increases with distance which is the opposite of what Moffat has gravity doing. So I thought perhaps there is a reverse symmetry that could be explored.



Steven Colyer said...

Thanks, Phil. No I haven't read his book but I intend to thanks to your post.

I have more to say (regarding fifth forces, Technicolor - all 3 types, and MOND, as well as MOG) as well as responding to your response to my post on your blog, which I have taken to heart and much appreciate, but unfortunately I have a full-time Xmas rush job that disappears after tomorrow, so when I become a bum again on Xmas, I will devote the time each deserves after the holidays.

Have a merry, my friend.

Thanksgiving II. :-) Seeya manana +2.