Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Three Theories of Energy

Quantum Mechanics. Thermodynamics. General Relativity.

Three Theories of Energy to rule them all,
Three Theories of Energy to find them.
Three Theories to bring them all
And in the darkness, bind them.

To bind them into a theory of Quantum Gravity, that is.

And then there will be light.

To date, the middle theory, Thermodynamics, has been largely ignored. We have set our eyes to the very large (ruled by General Relativity) and the very small (ruled by Quantum Mechanics), so much so that we have forgotten the very theory of Energy that lies between: Thermodynamics, the theory of Energy of the very macroscopic world in which we live.

I know not where the future lies, but if the very large and and the very small are to be united in QG, the middle ground should not be ignored. And shall not if QG is to be plainly known.

Erik Verlinde knows what I'm talking about. It's high time the rest of us caught up.

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