Friday, September 24, 2010

The LHC's First Big Discovery: Stephen Colbert is Wonderfully Insane

Science has spoken. Stephen Colbert is wonderfully nuts. Here is your proof, of Stephen Colbert's testimony before the United States Congress, for real:

No, of course it has nothing to do with the LHC. My bad, huh?

Yes, but so what? Pay attention to what the man says, and if it is at all humanly possible, would someone please explain to me what "a Brazilian" is?

I thank you, in advance. Unless of course "the Brazilian" is a "naughty" thing, in which case do not comment.

But I am not immune to receiving private e-mails. I have my e-mail address in the header of this site. I ain't stopping you bros and sisses, if you wish to respond. I suffer untold spam from West Africa to do so, trust that. Please make said suffering so worthwhile by responding, and again I thank you in advance.

For those who are even nerdier than I am (very impressive to me if so) and thereby wish to know "New Physics" from the LHC, I offer up this link by Tommaso Dorigo.

But at the end of the day? I still want to know what "the Brazilian" means. ;-p

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