Wednesday, September 15, 2010

OK I'll Talk About Hawking's New Book But I Really Don't Want To

"GOD: Ahhhthuhhh, King of the Britons .... Oh stop groveling! I hate that." ... Monty Python

Click here to read Physicist/First Thingser Stephen Barr's point of view on Stephen Hawking's new book. Barr's posted review is worthy if obviously slanted, and the replies (quite a few) are also excellent, at least those few I read. Pay attention to Shelama, she is quite funny.

Physicist/Mathematician/Computer Guy Polymath Peter Woit more succinctly brings the math and physics home as we have all come to appreciate: here, which is my personal favorite and factual review of the book.

Myself? I'm sick of the subject.

IMO Stephen Hawking batted 1 for 3 this year. His current book is unbuyable for me (since I consider Physics, Metaphysics, and Theology to be 3 different fields and hate it when they're blended, which is NOT "Science").

His thoughts re his "we must be quiet lest the evil aliens hear and come hunting us" thing was and still is bizarre.

However he did get ONE thing right in 2010, to whit:

His "let's get off this rock thereby preserving Humanity's survival before we're extincted via either cosmological or genosuicidal forces" mantra, which I call "The Hawking Window", which is a 2010 updated version of an older (and still correct) view of his.

It is a clear home run.

.333 beats .000 every time.



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