Friday, July 1, 2011


There are several interesting things in my blog feeds in the past few days that I wish to point out: has a nice piece up about "7 Notable Space Shuttle Astronauts". Being the space nut that I am and having remembered watching (on television) all of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo launches, I'm on board with first shuttle commander John Young being listed number 1. He's also big on Lunar Colorization, and was America's 7th astronaut in Space (the 1st Gemini mission) even if he was in the second group along with Borman, Lovell, Armstrong, Aldrin, and Conrad.

Either "Ancient Galaxies Fed on Gas, Not Collisions" or " Galaxies are Slow Eaters, Not Gas Guzzlers." Universe Today and have different takes on the same study.

In Theoretical Physics, Sabine Hossenfelder reviews a new paper on "Why Do We Live in 3+1 Dimensions? " at Backreaction.

This split view shows how a normal spiral galaxy around our local universe (left) might have looked back in the distant universe, when astronomers think galaxies would have been filled with larger populations of hot, bright stars (right).

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