Friday, July 29, 2011

Will Ireland Rescue Us All ?

Forget the eye candy, the prose is what is important.

But srsly, Ireland has a Ladies' Rugby Team? Who knew? (I actually got that pic by Google imaging "Irish Landscape" (I SO love the country), and look what popped up!)

Originally posted November 2010.

People who know me best know I'm all about the promotion of GOOD Science and Mathematics, especially among the young, therefore I consider this page from to be particularly important in the sense of getting the word out.

I feel this way for no moralistic or altruistic reasons. I have completely selfish reasons, those being I want my children to grow up in a world that is as good and well-informed as it could possibly be, and thus save our species from eventually: extinction. Yes, Science will find the way, but it won't unless it's promoted. If we place our future in the hands of the politicians and the tradesmen who tell them how to vote, as certainly seems to be the current state of affairs, then we're doomed. I think we're currently 50/50 regarding our survival.

WHY should the next Gauss enter Mathematics or the next Einstein enter Physics, when Wall Street promises so much more? A shame really, but the future is as always a big question mark. As long as the Internet exists, then the potential to change opinions exists as well. Let's promote Sci and Math as much as possible. I have a Marketing degree (MBA) on top of my Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering, so feel free to pick my brains.

In the meantime, props to Ireland:

Brainteaser posters aim to get people thinking about physics

DICK AHLSTROM, Science Editor (

PHYSICISTS HAVE found a novel way to get people to engage with their subject during Science Week. The Institute of Physics has plastered buses and trains across the island with posters asking important questions.
One for example asks: “Two filled cola cans, one frozen, one liquid, roll down a short smooth slope – which one gets to the bottom first?”
Another asks: “What happens if you try to light a candle inside an orbiting space station?”
The poster campaign, Transport Yourself with Physics, was all about getting the public to engage with the subject, said Alison Hackett, policy officer with the institute.
The institute, with the support of the Government’s Discover Science and Engineering programme, organised the campaign, which was launched to coincide with Science Week Ireland.
The posters are now visible on buses and trains in Galway, Cork, Limerick and Waterford. In Dublin they are installed along Dart and Arrow train services and on Dublin Bus. About 200 buses in Northern Ireland have posters in place, Ms Hackett said.
There is also a degree of instant gratification for those looking for answers to these burning questions. You can text your multiple-choice answer to a specified number at standard text rates, and get an instant response congratulating you or giving you the correct answer.
“Physics is all about asking questions and being curious about the world around us,” Ms Hackett said. “The posters grab people’s attention before challenging their idea of physics.”
The questions are engaging but you have to think before answering. “Most of the questions do surprise,” she said, for example: “A clock on the equator runs slower, faster or identical to one on the North Pole?”
The numbers to text multiple-choice answers to are 087-9382257 in the Republic and 028-71042040 in the North.
Find more questions at


Aoife said...

Feeling very proud to be Irish right now!

Steven Colyer said...

As well you should. The top 4 heritages in the USA, in order, are German first, English a very close second, Irish a distinct but clear third, and Italian a distinct but clear 4th.

In New Jersey however where I grew up, we have a clear tie between Irish and Italian. So not only do I have the ability to tell tall tales, but I can do so speaking with my hands. :-)

How is America treating you and Dan, Aoife? Isn't California awesome?

DO tell.