Monday, February 13, 2012

East Coast US and Canada from Space at Night ! Beautiful.

WOW! The East Coast of The US and Canada laid bare! It begins over Mexico and marches over the Gulf of Mexico then on up through the Eastern U.S. finishing over Newfoundland.

Check out the 700-mile US Megalopolis that runs in a fairly straight SW-NE line from Washington DC through Boston. It's going to become a crescent soon apparently as D.C. and greater Richmond, Va. are closer to meeting, and the Norfolk/Newport News area reaches out to Richmond.

Take THAT Chesapeake Bay! We've got ya surrounded.

For the original article at Universe Today that goes into more detail click here.


Neil Bates said...

Beautiful, yes Steve, but all that light pollution ruining the formerly magnificent dark skies. But I dig that luminescent teepee.

Steven Colyer said...

Yeah me too. I especially dig the thought of me and a hot American Indian woman in that tent and on that night.