Friday, December 14, 2012

FUN with MATH !!

Thanks to Ulla Mattfolk of Finland for this:

Math professor Dave Richeson's Double Torus Clothesline Trick:

Lady has problem with basic clock arithmetic:

Integration Joke

Right Brain Math


Gary Johnson said...

Hi Steven:

It's GW Johnson. Hope you are doing OK. I am presenting a paper at the Mars Society convention in Colorado this August.

It's on a really oddball heat shield material that might be very useful at Mars. I last built this stuff 3.5 decades ago for a completely-different application, and I am the only one who ever built stuff quite like this.

Was wondering if you might be going to that convention?


Robin Morrison said...

I recall Feynman's experience with work on the committee to determine what textbooks his local school district should use. Most of them didn't even bother to read them.

skox said...

This is the 'Demlo Numbers'...

link ---->

other link ------>

article/paper of the pair 'Gunjikar & Kaprekar' ----->

Enjoy ... !!!!!!!!!!