Friday, December 14, 2012

MoMATH: America's FIRST Math Museum Opens Tomorrow, and Today

An artits conception of how MoMath would look from last year. The reality is a bit different and we will show you tomorrow when we return. However the sense of space in accurate in this wonderful two two floor museum dedicated to Mathematics alone.

I am happy to report that MoMath looks great and as the only museum of it's kind in America, one dedicated only to Mathematics, that this important step in making the public appreciate both the beauty and wide scope of a subject often taught in a boring and bland manner, is off to a eye-catching and enjoyable start.

Tomorrow, from 10-5 will be the first day The Museum of Mathematics opens to the public. I attended a members-only pre-opening this afternoon and bought a few items in the well-stocked shop with a separate street entrance and took a quick tour. It looks great, very clean and very entertaining for adults and children of all ages. There were many mathematics teachers and professors enjoying the exhibits as well as many children. My camera was buggy and I couldn't take many photos but I have worked out the kinks and will have more tomorrow.

Previously, I wrote:

The world's first Mathematics Museum is slated to open in New York City in 2012. Thanks to Alan Boyle of Cosmic Log for turning us on to this.

I sure wish there were more.

That's not me lol

George Musser Jr. and me Nov. 28, 2012 at the New York Academy of Sciences , WTC7 NYC, panel discussion on Pride and Science: Where are all the Flying Cars? (A: they exist, you just better have a lot of money), more on this later as well as my participation in the NYC roundtable on Time the next week.
Photograph by Robert Ricci, copyright 2012

Click here to see Cosmic log's article on same.


Gary Johnson said...

My goodness, Steven. You seem to have gone nuts-by-the-numbers, as it were!


Steven Colyer said...
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Steven Colyer said...

Let me put it this way, Gary. I am 56, WAS a mathematical prodigy, and when I was 3 and at the supermarket, I saw a book called "The How and Why Book of Mathematics" in the checkout lanes, and asked Mom to buy it for me and she did. It was 1960 I reckon. It' been a long love affair ever since lol

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