Friday, April 16, 2010

Has the Dark Energy Problem been Solved by P. Frampton Using Entropy, Holographic, and General Relativity ?

Holy Verlinde, what's going on here? Has P. Frampton "Shown us the way?"

No, not THAT P. Frampton. That's a pic of Peter Frampton, noted 60's/70's Rock God of  the band Humble Pie and an even more successful solo career.

I am speaking of Paul Frampton, Theoretical Physicist. Nobel Prize-winning Physicist George Smoot seems to like him.

As I write at Bee's thread, here:

Tommaso Dorigo cites a recent arXiv paper by Paul Howard Frampton at his website: here, titled "Solution to the Dark Energy Problem."

I am not qualified to comment, but you are Bee, as Arun Gupta points out in the replies. What say ye, Bee? Here from the very short pre-print is Dr. Frampton's relevant conclusion, as Dr. Dorigo points out:

My result calls into question almost all of the work done on quantum gravity, since the discovery of quantum mechanics. For gravity, there is no longer necessity for a graviton.
In the case of string theory, the principal motivation for the profound and historical suggestion by Scherk and Schwarz that string theory be reinterpreted, not as a theory of the strong interaction, but instead as a theory of the gravitational interaction, came from the natural appearance of a massless graviton in the closed string sector.

I am not saying that string theory is dead. What I am saying is, that string theory cannot be a theory of the fundamental gravitational interaction, since there is no fundamental gravitational interaction.

... Paul Howard Frampton

As said, it makes me scratch my head. I must say I was never happy with the "graviton" as a "particle." As a "phonon", which Erik Verlinde implies? Yes, that would make more sense. And if the "graviton" is a phonon, why not all the other fundies (fundamental particles)?

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