Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Quantum Twenty-Five

 These are the twenty-five men who gave us the world we have today. Thank you, gents.

They can be roughly split between the First Quantum Eleven (sometimes called "Ten" because they always leave out Weyl) and The Second Quantum Fifteen (which adds up to 26, I know, but Paul Dirac is part of both).

In mostly chronological order:

1) Maxwell Planck

2) Albert Einstein

3) Niels Bohr

4) Louis de Broglie

5) Hermann Weyl

6) Wolfgang Pauli

7) Werner Heisenberg

8) Maxwell Born

9) Pascual Jordan

10) Erwin Schrödinger


T12) Richard Phillips Feynman

T12) Julian Schwinger

T12) Sin-Itiro Tomonaga

T15) Murray Gell-Mann

T15) George Zweig

T17) Sheldon Glashow

T17) Abdus Salaam

T17) Steven Weinberg

T20) Martinus Veltman

T20) Gerardus 't Hooft

T22) Sidney Coleman

T22) Hugh David Politzer

T22) David Gross

T22) Frank Wilczek

Frank Wilczek ... the youngest of the bunch.


Anonymous said...

may i ask why there are only men on this list?

Steven Colyer said...

It was a Man's world back then. There were very few women in Science. THAT is changing, and it's all for the good IMO.