Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Scale of The Universe 2


You could call it "Powers of Ten" for the Millennial Generation.
Cary and Michael Huang, the minds behind the 2010 hit "Scale of the Universe," have released a follow-up to their original interactive visualization.
Using objects varying in size from 10-35 meters to 9.3 x 1028 meters, the tool attempts to help viewers grasp of the size of the universe in relation to familiar (and unfamiliar) objects, land masses, planets and the like.
But unlike the visualization that was released a couple of years ago, each object -- and there are hundreds -- is clickable and comes with its own explanation.
Want to know about the Horsehead NebulaQuantum foam? The Hoover Dam? Just click on the icons as you travel betweenyoctometers and parsecs.
The folks at say it only takes about 20 minutes to go through and read the descriptions of all of the objects, but we've been playing with this for quite a bit longe.

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