Monday, June 7, 2010

Human Innovation in Nepal

A simple application of the utilization of wind power technology assists pedaling a rickshaw in Nepal. Pictured above is Shiro Hosojima, who has attached a metal drum to his rickshaw a.k.a. pedicab, thus making it easier to pedal while transporting passengers.

The wind-human hybrid rickshaw works using windmills made from the drum which rotate when the pedicab begins to walk. The windmill is connected to the rear wheels with a side-mounted gear, so when the drum begins to rotate it helps in acceleration, making it easier for the pedicab driver to pedal.

This environmentally-friendly pedicab can be used as a reference for other cities rather than using motor rickshaws that cause air pollution. But the rickshaw apparently still need to be re-designed, such that when it rains passengers could be protected from dripping water and the windmill can still work optimally.

(From here, with corrected English)

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