Thursday, December 23, 2010

Evil Santa Claus - With Love From Finland

Each year, Sweden gives us the Nobel Prizes, except the one for Peace.

Norway awards the Nobel Peace Prize, sometimes pre-emptively, sometimes to terrorists like Yassar Arafat, and sometimes just to piss off The People's Republic of China, like this year.

But what of Finland, the forgotten Scandinavian country? Can they play too?

Well fret no more, boys and girls! The Finns are back, especially this year, with "Rare Exports", a new film from Finland, in which Santa Claus is revealed to be an old demon (he eats children, so in a way you can say sure, he "likes" them), imprisoned in a mountain long ago, in Russia just across the Finnish border. And guess who breaks him out? Yup, the Americans. Why not? Who ya gonna call?  :-)

Here's the trailer:

You better watch out.
You better not cry.
If you meet up with Santa,
You surely will die!

Please Santa, please don't eat little Timmy!

Well, I but that up as a background on our computer, but my family thought Santa to be TOO evil looking, so I was forced to replace it, with this:

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