Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Physics of Perfection, Part 1

Kim Yu-na's Body Shape Sets Her Apart

Kim Yu-na Kim Yu-na
Something sets figure skating star Kim Yu-na apart from the rest. As far as technical ability is concerned, Kim is in the top class with her strong jumping and spinning skills. Her artistic expression is also top-notch, helped by her long slim arms and legs, well-balanced silhouette, and sophisticated fashion sense.

Kim's body proportion is often said to be the perfect golden ratio. The Chosun Ilbo has obtained her measurements from uniform maker INS 102, which measured Kim at a hotel in Seoul in December.

Standing 164 cm tall and weighing 47 kg, Kim's lower body from waist to the ankle bone measures 96 cm, almost double the length of her torso, which is 50 cm. Fashion stylist Kim Seong-il said, "With normal people, if the ratio of the upper and the lower body is 4.5:5.5, we consider them long-legged. Because of her long legs, Kim's jumps look bigger and more elegant."

Her long and slender arms, which measure 68 cm, also help boost her expression grade. Dr Chung Jae-young at Jelim Plastic Surgery Clinic said, "Normally, the length of your arms stretched out matches your height. But for Kim, the length of both arms plus her shoulder width, which is 46cm, is almost 180 cm. Her arms are very long." That makes small arm movements look softer and more fluid.

Muscles developed throughout her body also help her movements look well balanced, whereas overdevelopment of muscles in certain parts of the body such as upper arms or thighs can make movements look stiff.

Fashion stylist Han Hye-yeon said, "Unlike many other athletes, Kim has a slender, flexible body, so she has the natural 'S' curve when she's performing." Kim So-yeon, an executive at a modeling agency, said, "She has perfect body proportions for a fashion model."

The above is from a publication called "The Chosun Ilbo" (English Edition),  here

So, how did Kim do last night (Tue Feb 25) in the Vancouver Olympics Ladies Figure Skating Short program? Just about perfect, as in new world's record perfect! I admit I love the Ladies Figure Skating more than any other Olympic event. Everything good in sports can be found in this sport. Well other than the bizarre Tonya Harding thing of years past, but there's always an exception. Which reminds me, our hearts go out to Nancy Kerrigan on the loss of her Dad.

Not to be discounted is the probable Silver medalist at these games, Mao Asada of Japan, who is also excellent, and was also a pleasure to watch last night. Here's a pic:


Last but not least, is the lady sitting in third place at the moment, Canada's Joannie Rochette. Her story is very sad of course, as her mother died early Sunday morning after flying out to Vancouver Saturday night. Our hearts go out to the Rochette family as well.


If you missed the short program last night, please don't miss the long program tomorrow. These athletes are pure pleasure to watch. They are the best of us. We close with a picture of Kim at the end of last night's program, doing her James Bond thing, which was quite cute.

Proving of course that it's not ALL about Physics, but that personality counts as well.
Are you listening, Lubos?

Kim Yu-Na, hunting the wild(man) motl. (Just teasin', Lubos. Don't get your pantyhose up in a bind, my fellow Scarlet Knight)

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