Saturday, March 26, 2011

George Carlin on SCIENTISTS

Warning: This won't be pretty ......

Cardinal Carlin (from "Dogma")


I'm getting sick of "scientific progress." Scientists are easily the least responsible class in society. If you're one of those "green" assholes who run around worrying about the condition of the planet all the time, you might as well go ahead and blame it on the scientists. They're the ones who fouled the nest. Without them, none of the bad shit gets done. Self-important, asshole scientists, most of them working for the Pentagon or big business, creating harmful products we don't need. They don't care what they produce as long as they get to publish their fuckin' papers.

And the idealistic ones? The ones who won't have anything to do with the weapons makers and greed-heads? The ones involved in "pure research"? They lay the groundwork for the truly dangerous scientists who move in later and apply the knowledge commercially. Scientists have consistently assaulted and violated your planet. That's why you have AIDS, that's why you have a hole in your ozone layer, that's why the atmosphere is overheating, that's why you have toxic and nuclear waste, and that's why everything has a thin coating of oil on it. And next, they're going to turn these irresponsible motherfuckers loose on human genetic engineering. That ought to be a real treat. Scientists. The only ones worth a fuck are theoretical physicists. At least they're nuts.

Buddy Christ (from "Dogma")

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Steven Colyer said...

We will note that were it not for Science we would not have the Engineering we have, and were it not for Engineering we have we would not have the Commerce we have, and were it not for Commerce we have that Carlin would have have made a WHOLE lot LESS money than he did.

Irony never sleeps.

Nevertheless, it points out the opinion (I'm afraid) of too many John Q. and Mary Q. Publics about Science.

Carlin was always a shit-stirrer, but he was a brilliant man who was popular because of how well he understood the mood of the people.

We have to educate the public better. Intimidating each other is one thing. The public has to be handled like fragile glasses. We can do better, and I'm trying at my weblog, but I'm only one man and can only do so much. Keep fighting the good fight.