Saturday, November 13, 2010

British Space Program FINALLY Launches, 53 Years After Sputnik. Oh, GOOD Show, Lads.

Well, Brits, it took you long enough to launch your own space program, but better late than never, eh wot?

Click here to see what (wot) I'm talking about, luvs, and DO be good lads and lassies and read the replies, they're quite amusing. There's a good lads and lassies.

Oh, and DO beHAVE, Britain! 'Tis only a $13,000 photograph pictured above, eh? Fancy that, so much from such a small investment, well DONE I say! Hear, hear!

Here is a picture of the first British spaceplane in question (which took the above photograph), in what I surmise to be Britain's equivalent of America's Vehicle Assembly Building, which quite frankly, seems to me to resemble a condominium:

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