Thursday, November 25, 2010

Grand Unified Theory - The Next Logical Step

Click here, then go to the southeast to the terra incognito, which nevertheless produces a heck of a lot of papers, most of them probably wrong. A shame, because some of them are on the right path, and the way seems obscured for all the noise.

Specifically, look at...

- Grand Unified Theory
- Quantum Gravity
- Theory of Everything (a combination of the 2 above)

These are the "darling" realms of Science Journalists everywhere, but we haven't a workable theory of any of them.

So let's back up.

What is Grand Unified Theory?

Well first, it's pretty damned important, that's what it is.

Second, if we ever get it (Sheldon Glashow and Howard Georgi et. al. gave it a good shot, but came up short), then it will be a unification of The Electroweak Theory, and Quantum Chromodynamics, and we know the gist of them.

We KNOW what Q-Chro and EW are. So why not put most of the theoretical efforts there?

I don't know why not, but I believe in first-things-first and not putting the cart before the horse. In fact I'm not even sure this is where the most effort isn't being put forth, since the QG and TOE people seem to speak louder than most.

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