Sunday, February 27, 2011

Colonizing the Moon

You know you want to go there. You know we will. Why wait? What's stopping us, other than ourselves?


Pat B said...

Is that a Plastic Pterodactyl on the moon?

My word verification today is "gonst" as in "most gone".

Steven Colyer said...

Looks like one! I thought that was loopy at first but then I figured what the heck under one-fourth g people could glide really long distances, although, Physics question, the air pressure is also important. I don't even want to think of the volume of air that colony would require.

Looks like a cool place to live, in like, 2300 or so. Can I hear a 2200? Um, maybe.

Jack Legend said...

Something that grand in scale is a bit unreasonable at this point. It will be cramped, but the smaller modular system is more attainable than something which would require such a large volume of atmosphere. It looks great, but it shouldn't be our goal until we've proven that a simpler design can support life indefinitely.

Steven Colyer said...

Agreed, Jack. Bigelew Aerospace is on it. Are you familiar? But yes, this stuff is centuries away alas, although we have the ability to do it now. Politics, damned politics, ruins everything.