Sunday, February 6, 2011

If Vince Lombardi Is God Does That Mean Roethlisberger is Satan?

God loves the Green Bay Packers best. Blessed be Vince Lombardi's name.
Satan on the other hand, loves the Pittsburgh Steelers and their "Terrible" towels, and his boy, Ben Rothlis..., Ben Roethlissbur ... , you know, Big Ben the Pittsburgh quarterback, the guy who rides a motorcycle without a helmet, who has been accused and investigated twice (but neither arrested nor convicted) of abusing women, and was suspended for 4 games this season thereby based on the NFL's own investigation.

Pittsburgh Leads Nation in Ability to Spell "Roethlisberger"

Most sports pundits predict Satan will kick God's arse today (as he would in court, since Satan has all the lawyers). Miracles DO happen however, for example, fitting Big Ben's last name on the back of a football jersey. How do they DO that?

In any event, I'm going with The Packer Nation. Green Bay 28, Pittsburgh 24, in tonight's Super Bowl.

Good luck to both teams and their fans. Even the doofus who lacks the brains to ride a cycle with a protective helmet.Let's hope for a good clean injury-free game with the minimum of penalties, and may the best team win. Well, the best team THIS day. They seem to be well matched, so whatever the outcome it shouldn't surprise.

Well, what does it matter, it's all about the commercials, right?

Enjoy the game in any event. It's the largest single most important sporting event in America every year (and 3rd largest internationally after the last game of The World Cup in soccer, and the finals of Ladies' Singles Figure Skating in the Winter Olympics ... but those happen only once every four years, right?).

Also and as a reminder, THIS may be the last NFL game in quite a while, as it looks like the NFL Players will be going on strike, and next year's season may not happen, or be a very short and late starting one.

Now ... where's the chips and dip?

Vince Lombardi of New Jersey. The Super Bowl Trophy is named after him.

For QB Aaron Rodgers and The Green Bay Packers, there are some things in life you only get one shot at. This video is for you, believe:

UPDATE: ... and, the Packers win! 31-25. Congrats Packers, and good on Mike Tomlin and the Pittsbugh Steelers for making this a tight and interesting game. For Steeler fans, you and Packer fans and Cowboy fans are the greatest, and with your support they'll return, so no worries. Maybe Big Ben will behave himself now that he's had a hard taste of humility. We hope so, time will tell.


Pat B said...

How did you get to be a cheese head way out east there?

Steven Colyer said...

Vince is from NJ, just like me, and who does NOT love the guy?

I started watching the NFL as a 6-yr-old in 1962 or something. Dad, Uncles, friends were Giants fans, as you might imagine. So being a Giants fan is a lifelong ... affliction if you will.

Anyway, it wasn't long after that that the Giants would foolishly trade Sam Huff to the Washington Foreskins and the team went way south.

Why root for a loser?

So the adults started loving the Packers. Dang frontrunners! :-)

Me too, hey, I was just a kid. :-)

I still love The Pack. And the Vikings too, cuz Fran Tarkenton was my boyhood hero. And the Rams. The only 2 AFC teams I like are the Jets and Dolphins, and my "dirty" side likes the Raiders.

But none of this changes the fact that the Lions are the most pathetic team in football history. They're getting better though, watch out.

And m'BOY Eli Manning led the league in interceptions this year ONLY BECAUSE Brett Favre didn't play a full season. :-)

Steven Colyer said...

Packers win 31-25.