Friday, April 22, 2011

Higgs Found! Universe Fully Explained! All Physicists Fired Since They're Redundant Now! Witten Wins NOBEL Prize!

A nice summary of the rumor du jour, that photon scattering has been observed by ATLAS at the LHC in Geneva at 115 GeV with 4-sigma confidence, thus implying that Higgs is discovered and interpreted by some that SUSY is real, is given by Philip Gibbs at viXra Blog, here,

Phil's a funny guy. I especially like his line: If it is real then CMS must see it too. Therefore Tomasso Dorigo must remain silent. 


I'm from Missouri*, I'll believe it when the 5-Sigma results are actually published. I grow weary of rumors, and I've only been following this stuff for two years. I don't know those of you who have been following particle physics for decades can stand it.

(*- I'm really from New Jersey. We let Missouri call itself "The Show Me State" because we already had a nickname after our lovely gardens. However, we're the original Show Me State.) 

UPDATE:: We asked popular singer Shakira what her response was to this (possibly) wonderful news. Here was her response:

Wow! Some people get REALLY emotionally invested!

You can't say Physics isn't exciting!



Phil Warnell said...

Hi Steven,

So you believe it’s just a case of the LHC having a hiccup or should that be a higgup :-) More importantly the Higgs is not an example of SUSY, as it not representing being a super partner of anyy existing experimentally established particle, yet rather a continued completion of the standard model as having a particle lending an explanation for mass. Anyway, I do hope something turns up soon as it’s a difficult sell to the public that a null result constitutes being progress; that is despite it true as science being a philosophy grounded in negation. Of course with the general disinterest in science today I would be surprised if the confirmation of black holes at the LHC would garner much attention; that is unless it threatened to swallow their asses:-)



Steven Colyer said...

Hi Phil, and thanks,

According to Lubos, SUSY predicts a 115 GeV Higgs boson. But it's Lubos, so we shouldn't be surprised. Tomaso Dorigo thinks it's an error. I don't know, Phil, I'm a bit jaded with all the hype on all sorts of things in Physics in the wee 2 years I've been back after a 29 year vacation. It's either real or not, not worried, if it's real it will be reduced. No worries atm. I little impatient though, and very amused. It just re-justifies my making my switch from Science to Math all the happier. I'll take Theorems over Theories any day. ;-)