Friday, May 20, 2011

SIAL Announces Roger Penrose as 2011 Recipient of its The Most Wonderful Person on Earth Award

ROCKY HILL, NJ (SIAL) - The Somerset Institute for Advanced Logic is pleased to announce that Sir Dr. Roger Penrose of the United Kingdom has won the second annual SIAL Most Wonderful Person on Earth Award, joining last year's and first-ever recipient, Edward Witten.

Here at SIAL, we love Math and Physics and Computer Science and their 3-way interdisciplinarian nature, which means we use big boys'n'girls words like "duality" and "symmetry" and geeky ones like "restore balance to 'the Force'".

In awarding Penrose, who really IS wonderful (in spite of our skepticism of his CCC model), we believe we have achieved this.

After all, Dr. Witten is really a Mathematician who thinks he's still a Physicist, and Dr. Penrose is a Mathematician who thinks he's a Physicist.

(You may have to read that again, we did too, and we wrote it! But it does make sense. Technically. Note to ourselves: Must. Hire. Copy Editor.)

What's not to love?

We will be expanding this post later tonight, but today we must go and you know, actually get stuff done. Dang responsibilities!

Love you all, have a nice day and weekend. Friday rocks. :-)


Ulla said...

Wau, what a honor!
I am the most wonderful person on Earth, shall he present himself like that?

I like him, because he dislike M-theory and say it. He doesn't bother his mind with what you think of him. Maybe that is why he is so wonderful :)

Steven Colyer said...

I like people who think outside the box, even if I don't always agree with them, in time and after the shock of what they say, I can do a 180. I think he's adorable. I like the way he promoted M.C. Esher and his career. I love Penrose tiles. I love his contributions to Black Hole Theory, I love his friendship and encouragement and help with Stephen Hawking in their youth. I like his book The Road to Reality, uneven though it may be, at least it brings up the issues, he totally touches on all the points. A class act, a total gentlemen, which is kind of like I imagine myself. I just love the guy. :)

Shecky R. said...

Gee, I'm a non-mathematician who knows he's a non-physicist (but wishing I were either one)... does that count for anything!?
(anyway, great selections!)

Steven Colyer said...

You're funny, Shecky. You're the reason I met Pat Ballew, and I can't thank you enough for that. I owe you a lunch. Katz' in NYC? Harold's Deli in Edison, NJ? You make the call.

But to answer, yeah that counts. You and I are pretty much in the same boat.

Thanks. :-)

Phil Warnell said...

Both from the perspective of someone being full of wonder and having those filled with wonder when listened to I would agree there be no better then Penrose.