Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Words to Lose and Their Replacements

1) Philosophy <=== replace with "Logic"

2) Physicist <=== replace with "Realist" , also Physics with "Reality"

3) Doctor <=== replace with "Expert"

Therefore, instead of a PhD in Physics getting a "Doctor of Philosophy in Physics" they would rather earn the exalted and well-earned title of "Expert in Logic of Reality."  Much more descriptive of what they actually are. Well, the good ones, anyway.

4-7) Smart, Stupid, Idiot, Dumb, Dumbarse, Moron, etc. <==== Replace with "Knowledgeable", "Ignorant", "Intelligent", Unintelligent"

Well as far as 4-7 are concerned, I must confess I slip at times and use those words as well. If I do however, you can be sure it's because I'm really, truly pissed ("upset").

Have a nice ("enjoyable") day. 


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