Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sean Carroll's Arrow of Time in 3 Tweets

‎(1/3) The arrow of time is the distinction between past and future. Causes precede effects; we grow older; we remember the past. #aot

‎(2/3) Deep physical laws are reversible. Time's direction only arises macroscopically, because entropy/disorder is increasing. #aot

‎(3/3) Entropy is increasing because it started small near the Big Bang (and is still pretty low). Nobody knows why that's the case. #aot

Other 3-tweet Physics theory explain nations, In Quantum Field Theory, the Higgs Boson, and M-Theory can be found at Sean's original blogpost on the subject at Cosmic Variance: here. 


Ulla said...

So this ends up to ad hoc?

Ulla said...

I see he has three talks about the matter.

You should have given the link. Those tweets were absurd alone :)