Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So-o Beautiful. I Have My New Wallpaper. :)

I have my new computer screen wallpaper! Ah, Astronomy. Along with Biology one of the two fastest growing Sciences. We have a new winner! Best pic, so far, until you know ... next month. ;)

For details on what you see below, be sure to click here. Be sure to enlarge. Or embigginate if you're Phil Plait.

But briefly, it's a Black Hole, and a combination of microwave and visible wavelengths. Truly beautiful. It's stuff like this that keeps me going.

Thank you, Astronomy.

Black Hole
Black Swan. Also beautiful.


Aoife said...

Ballet and Black Holes! C'mon, you're teasing me here! Two great loves of mine. Both so majestcally incomprehensible to the untrained eye, yet you only realise the true and absolute beauty when you understand the inner workings. Being a ballet dancer since the age of two I think I've almost mastered it but yet have to delve into the beauty of black holes.

Steven Colyer said...

I understand physics, as you do as an engineer, but I will never understand how you ballet dancers support the human body weight on your toes. It must be an inertia thing, but, that has GOT to hurt! Or does practice make perfect? Seems quite painful.

The beauty of black holes is easy to understand. Just look at the picture. ;-)

Steven Colyer said...

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