Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back to the Moon, This Time to Stay

 Space entrepreneur Robert Bigelow (left) discusses layout plans of the company's lunar base with Eric Haakonstad, one of the Bigelow Aerospace lead engineers.

Hey, Platohagel. It took an extra day longer than promised, but Space.com finally completed their week long series on colonizing the moon: here.

For others, my original thoughts and the other Space.com links are here.

I have more to say but there's a Swedish meatballs dinner with my name on it at the moment. Ciao.

EXTRA CREDIT ! Extra credit time for my readers. The photograph you see below is the most recent snapped by Cassini of the Saturnian moons Enceladas and Dione. Which one is closer? Guess away, then click here to find the answer. Do you want to go there some day? Me too, but first things first. There's a much closer moon to settle. Let's do this.

And just to show you my "cheeky" side, here's a photograph by Time Traveler John Titor of Florida from 2036 showing the result of a future ruthless dictator's crashing the moon Enceladas into The United Kingdom (to scale):

OH MY GOD! Someone alert The Netherlands! Tell them to head to higher ground! Ah HA HA, just kidding. There IS NO HIGHER ground in the Netherlands! You're doomed, Dutchies! Should've built those dikes higher. Sorry, mates, been nice knowing you.


Pat B said...

And then Ralph Cramden can finally make his threat come true... "One of these days Alice, Pow! Straight to the Moon"

Steven Colyer said...

Which shows an excellent application of catapult power, assuming Jackie Gleason encases Audrey Meadows in some kind of high-tech gel to withstand the G-forces.

It also shows how times have changed, legally. Any American man saying that today is being arrested for "domestic violence", and if kids are present the authorities will remove the kids to an orphanage and send the Dad, maybe the Mom too (to be on the safe side) to prison.

Yet anOTHer good reason to go back to the moon ... to get away from crazy laws.

I'm holding out for the future film: "Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein, Dracula, and the Wolfman on Tycho Crater."

Which reminds me. If NASA or ESA can speculate the existence of vampires on the Moon, that should get the ladies behind the project. Girls dig vampires. No one knows why.