Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sloan, Planck, and more Planck

If I'm not careful, my weblog will turn into an Astronomy (not Cosmology, no) weblog, but darn it if the advances in that field aren't coming faster and more furious than we can keep up!

And yet, they are. Here are 3-in-1, each of which deserves it's own post, but there are things Physics and Math I'd like to get into.

Here are pics and links to amaze:

1) The Sloan "Biggest Picture of the Sky" revealed, from Cosmic Log: here:

2) The Planck DETAILED look at distant Galaxy clusters/filaments silhouetted against the cosmic microwave background, from Universe Today, here :

3) The Planck "10,000 cold cores in our Galaxy", from Cosmic Log, here:

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