Sunday, January 16, 2011

" I See an Angel ! "

"I see an angel! Look at the picture! Do you see it too? No? Tilt your head sideways. Ah.... THERE it is, right?

"And come to think of it ... I see God too! Tilt your head a full 90 degrees to the left. Here ... I'll make it easy for you:

"See it? Bet you think that's the Sun, huh? Well, you COULD say that, couldn't you, but expand you mind! And what you think are a visual depiction of photons can be ... might be ... God's GRACE raining down on his/hers/its heavenly angel! With the Earth as his/her/its Adam's apple! Holy geez, so THAT's what became of Adam's apple ... we're living on it! Repent all ye sinners, the payback for Original Sin is nigh!!!! "

And ... of course that's all nonsense. That really is the sun, photons, and the magnetosphere surrounding Earth. No God, grace, or angels, or apples. Just a really cool looking artist's rendition of the most basic Earth-Sun interaction (not to scale), after gravity of course.

That picture by the way is from the Wikipedia article on Maxwell's Equations, perhaps the best launching point for any serious study of Modern Physics.

If you find the mathematical equations in that article a bit intimidating, you're basically saying you haven't taken the super-important Math courses of Calculus I, Calculus II, Calculus III, and Calculus IV (Differential Equations). (Or you have and forgotten thanks to the whole "if you don't use it you'll lose it" thing.)

Because in order to master Math Phys, or pretty much any serious scientific discipline, you should master those 4 Maths.

You can self-study, or you can take a course in those at your local University or College. Regardless of how you do so however, a great source or companion book would be Schaum's Outline of Calculus. A GOOD textbook in Calculus is worth every penny, pricey that they may be, or there are incredible resources online.

So what's stopping you, fellow explorers in the forest of Ignorance? Get cooking, today! :-)

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